PWR Case

A newly revealed case for the iPhone 6, the PWR Case, has been designed to not just protect the smartphone but also to quickly charge it without the need of the typical cord. Prong, the team behind the PWR Case, is currently raising funds on the Indiegogo website so it can launch the product.

Prong previously released a version of the PWR Case for the iPhone 5 and 5s. The iPhone 6 version will include a 2300 mAh battery that should double the usual battery life of the smartphone. The battery portion can also detach from the main case so it can be charged separately from the iPhone 6. It accomplishes this by connecting to a typical wall power socket with retractable A/C prongs that are integrated into the battery and fold flat inside when not being used.

The PWR Case will come in black, white and blue colors and will also be released with a transparent case in a limited edition. The Indiegogo site is currently taking pre-orders for the PWR Case for just $60 as part of a "Day 1" special that includes a free custom laser etching on the backup battery. Prices for the case will go up to $70 after today for "early birds" and the price goes up again to $80 for Indiegogo users after the early bird versions are all claimed. Shipments are expected to begin in June.

Source: PWR Case on Indiegogo