PYXL for iPhone review: One of the most challenging color matching games you'll ever play!

PYXL may be a casual puzzle game for iPhone but don't let its looks fool you, it's actually quite challenging. You'll play PYXL, a baby pixel with dreams of one day becoming a real life pixel. To do this, you'll have to collect dots floating towards you while avoiding and popping the black ones. There's one catch, the colors must hit the side of PYXL that corresponds with their color.

Once you actually start the game, you'll notice that PYXL stays stationary on the screen. Colored dots will slowly float towards him. You'll need to use your finger to rotate PYXL and make sure the colored dots hit the correct sides of him. You'll also be bombarded with black dots that you'll need to pop because if they hit PYXL, it'll count as a strike. You'll get three strikes total and once you've either let three black dots hit PYXL or you've gotten three colors wrong, the game will be over.

The further you get into PYXL, the more dots will appear on the screen at once. In order to make sure you don't collide with objects you shouldn't, you'll need to pay attention to timing. Tapping on a dot will speed it up and make it hit PYXL faster. You'll need to do this in instances where you have multiple colored dots on the screen and don't have time to rotate PYXL if they're clumped too close together.

The good

  • Easy game play rules that aren't hard to learn
  • More challenging than most basic puzzle games
  • Game Center integration so you can compete against your friends' high scores

The bad

  • No complaints

The bottom line

If you're looking for good puzzle games to play, PYXL is an easy one to pick up and put down but will keep you entertained given the difficulty. Combine that with good graphics and a cute story line and you've got a winner on our hands.

GIve PYXL a try and let us know what you think!

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