It's still a pretty big deal when iOS apps are released with Passbook support, especially outside of the U.S. Anyone flying down under will be pleased to know that Australian airline, Qantas, has released their brand new iOS app which indeed does have Passbook support.

Mobile boarding passes are definitely a headline feature, but at the moment it does seem limited to domestic flights only, along with mobile check-in. Frequent flyers are also well catered for, with points balances and next booked flights added to the home screen of the app.

All this comes on top of the usual features you would expect from an airline app. So, searching for flights, hotels, accessing bookings and up to the minute flight information is all on board. A nice touch for those hunting for a deal -- and let's face it, flying to Australia is an expensive business -- is the ability to create customized alerts to be notified of deals, or when a certain fare falls below your target price.

Apps like this aren't the most exciting, but they're an example of everyday people using their iOS devices in their everyday lives. To that end, Qantas should be commended for a first rate job in the design and overall user friendly nature of their new app. It looks great, everything is clearly laid out, and is generally all round pleasing to use. If I could only afford a flight to Australia, I'd surely be using this.

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