Apple Watch

The smartwatch will sync with the airport's backend management system through an app built by SITA Lab. From Marc-André Bédard, Vice President, Information Technology at Québec Airport:

We are always looking for new technology to help enhance our operations, and ultimately better serve our passengers. Wearable tech is one area of interest to us and with the Apple Watch and SITA's Airport Management solution our duty managers will get important notifications at just the right time to take action as needed.

Bédard said that using Apple Watch allows managers to be act on any incoming alerts with more efficiency, with the watch's Haptic Engine alerting the wearer of new notifications immediately:

For example, they may get an alert to say that two planes are arriving simultaneously and have been assigned to the same gate or that there is a delay at a certain gate. Previously, they would have checked their tablets regularly for updates. With the watch, a vibration alerts them to an update so they receive vital information just by glancing at their wrist. They can then take immediate action.

Source: Skift