Yahoo! has (finally!) released an official Flickr app (free - iTunes link) for the iPhone and iPod touch, and... Dunno. I'm not a big Flicker user. So, I haven't really formed much of an opinion about the official Flickr app. Leanna, who does use Flickr, liked the homepage (it has a nice Ken Burns-style pan and zoom animation) but felt the rest was underdeveloped and was surprise to see it didn't add "taken with iPhone" (or other, proper, device attribution).

Note: the app, of course, is rated 17+ because, also of course, someone might accitentionally type "nudie pics" in the search bar. (Likely violence abounds as well, as do lego vikings!).

If anyone else has had a chance to test drive it and has an opinion to share, let us know in the comments. Despite -- in spite? -- of Yahoo's travails of late, Flickr is still a monster of a site and it's nice to see it show up and represent on the iPhone -- given the iPhone is its most popular camera and all...

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