When Trillion-dollar stimulus packages are being passed and spent and the dollar seems to buy less and less, it's nice to find some real values in the App Store, like Touchmaster Volume 1 from Midway. At only $3.99, you get 5 games for your entertainment - that's only about $.80 cents per game (before tax, of course).

Included with this bundle are the following: 1) Spellwinder - a word search game using adjacent letters in any direction to score points; 2) Dice King - a dice puzzle game where points are scored for swapping adjacent dice to form matching combinations of three or more dice; 3) Prismatix - a hexagonal matching game requiring linking gems in color combinations displayed by a wheel at the top of your screen; 4) Combo 11 - form combinations of cards equaling 11 in value, eliminating cards as you go; 5) Carpet - similar to Solitaire, the object of the game is to discard all cards in their respective suits in sequences of Ace to King, using your deck and "carpet" of cards.

In addition to trying to get the highest score you can, you can also complete challenges and earn trophies along the way. The graphics are decent and the gameplay is easy with the touch interface. For $3.99, this 5-game package will provide hours of entertainment.



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