The 2010 Winter Olympics officially began yesterday and if you want to keep up with your country to see how well they are performing, the NBC Olympics Mobile app [iTunes Link - Free] for iPhone and iPod touch is a great companion piece that offers a ton of great features.

  • News, results and medal counts are all updated live.
  • Video on-demand: Those of you in the U.S. can watch NBC Olympics video clips and highlights. Sorry Canada!
  • Favorites: Save athletes, sports and nations as favorites
  • Push Notifications: Have results for your favorite sports pushed directly to your iPhone.
  • TV Coverage Schedule: View NBC's TV and online coverage schedule and set program reminders.
  • Athlete Bios and Sports Information: You can read up on all of the sports rules and get the full details about nations and teams.
  • Social networking: Share Olympic Games content with your friends directly on your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts.

Why Canadian users would be omitted from viewing video is beyond us, especially since they are hosting all of the events. Surely some sort of deal could have been made for those of you in Canada? Now if you throw that major fail aside, you have a great app to give you your daily dose of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Screenshots after the break!


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