Efiko Software, the developer behind which we remember fondly for providing much needed UI relief to our old Palm OS devices, has produced a very interesting looking quick tweeting application for Jailbroken iPhones called qTweeter.

It works almost magically: just wipe your finger down from the very top status bar in an application and a quick Twitter window slides down and the keyboard slides up to overlay your screen. If you're in iPod and want to tweet the music you're listening to, if you're in Safari and want to tweet a link you're reading, a quick button press auto-fills the details in your tweet for you.

It can alternatively -- or simultaneously -- update your Facebook status as well.

This means no exiting one app, launching another, waiting for load, waiting to launch entry dialogs, etc. when you want to tweet something. Just drag and go.

These kinds of apps show that, even post iPhone 3.0, until Apple surfaces more API's and figures out how to allow better cross- and multi-app functionality while retaining security, there'll still be a vibrant community of Jailbreak developers -- and some amazing software to go along with it.

Available for trial on Cydia, and can be unlocked fully via donation.

(Thanks to Doc31 for the pointer)