Asphalt 4 HD for iPad

Asphalt 5 HD [$6.99 - iTunes Link] for iPad from Gameloft is a game that does not take the speed limit into consideration. Just the opposite. Nitro bursting, vehicle demolishing street racing combined with great graphics and smooth controls is what makes this game a joy to play.

Just hold the iPad in your hands as you would a steering wheel and turn it in the direction you want to move. I love using the accelerometer, but if for some reason you don't, Asphalt 5 HD also offer a virtual steering wheel and touch screen controls. Nitro is a tap away and gives you a speed boost. Oh, and you can break (I think, never used it).

There are over 30 cars for you to enjoy including a Ferrari 599 XX, Lambourghini and Ducati, and there are also 12 locations to play. Gaming options include straight up races, or if you are one of the more aggressive drivers (can someone say road rage) you can try to eliminate the other drivers by side-swiping them off the road. If doing a regular race bores you, Gameloft has also added a whole bunch of different modes of play: drift, cop chase, time attack, duel mode, last man standing and escape. Want to play against your friends? Multiplayer modes can be accessed through bluetooth or online.

Stay with us after the break for picture and video proof of why you would never want me to drive your car!


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