Dungeon Hunter iPad 1

Dungeon Hunter HD [$6.99 - iTunes Link] brings Gameloft's popular iPhone game to the iPad in beautifully rendered, HD splendor.

The story unfolds as our hero uses the dark arts to resurrect his beloved wife only to have her turn against him and plunge a dagger into his heart (women!). You play the hero and get to choose between three classes, wizard, rogue and warrior. The inventory menu and manner of choosing skills is intuitive and enjoyable to navigate.

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The main difference between the iPad and iPhone version is the crisp HD graphics and the absence of long load times between zones, which afflicted my iPhone 3G. Thanks Apple A4! The iPad version also allows you a choice between using the circle pad to control your characters movement or to place your finger where you want it to go.

If you enjoy real-time RPG games than this is a must-have for your collection.

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