Our fearless leader/editor was able to meet some great vendors at Macworld 2009 this year and got a sampling of their products. I am rounding them up in a series of posts, so, let’s take a look at what we have this time!

In this quick review we will be looking at two products: iKear's Microfiber cloth and cleaning wipes.

Anti-Static/Anti-Microbial Microfiber Cloth

This is an awesome cloth for wiping down your iPhone or any other type of device that gets dirty/oily and you want to clean it. The cloth is not moist, but rather easily wipes away any basic grime (I admittedly even use it on my glasses, works like a charm). You can also you use it on trackpads and screens too, and other Apple Products in your life. Don't wash it in the washer though, to clean, hand-wash with a little soap and air-dry. I love this cloth, very handy!

iKlear Travel Singles

This single-serving wipes do the trick for your iPhone or MacBook should they ever get "stuff" on them beyond the occasional oil, etc. Simply tear off the top and wipe away. Easy. I keep a few in my bag just in case!


  • Endorsed by Apple and other manufactures!
  • Doesn't have ammonia, etc. to ruin your screens (HDTV, iMac, iPhone, Etc)
  • Pocketable


  • Pricey, but can you really place a price on your screen?

TiPB’s Rating:

5 stars

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