Here we have NOVA HD [$9.99 - iTunes Link] for iPad, an action-packed first-person shooter (FPS) that should make any Halo fan feel right at home.

For video of me playing (kinda funny), pictures, and more -- stay with us after the break!

The graphics on NOVA are smooth and beautifully rendered, and make full use of the iPads processors. The various levels are a lot of fun and increase in difficulty gradually, which should appeal to moderate and power gamers alike. There's single player mode and multiplayer mode (my favorite), which allows you to play online against friends or random opponents. Nothing says stress relief more than being able to sneak up on a friend and and send them to bullet-ridden oblivion, or maybe thats just me...

The controls are much easier to get used to than I expected. Movement is controlled with a virtual d-pad on the left, direction by swiping the screen, and shooting, reloading and using grenades by virtual buttons on the right.

Gameloft has once again taken a popular game genre and made a beautiful, highly playable version for mobile. If you love FPS, pick up NOVA HD for iPad.

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