Our fearless leader/editor was able to meet some great vendors at Macworld 2009 this year and got a sampling of their products. I am rounding them up in a series of posts, so, let's take a look at what we have this time!

I love the "finger as a stylus" mantra of the iPhone, I really do. However, there are times when having a stylus would make life a lot easier. Fortunately, Ten One Design has come to the rescue with the Pogo Stylus for $14.95!

The stylus is made of lightweight metal and the tip, used to "touch" the screen is made of... some alien substance. The manufacture calls it a "trade secret". In any event, it works. So why would you want a stylus for your iPhone? Well, I can think of a couple reasons:

  • First, it is really cold right now in the Midwest, like 7 degrees cold. I don't really want to take off my glove outside to check the weather. Now I don't have to!
  • Second, I have a couple drawing apps that, as you may know, your finger gets in the way of. This stylus really makes drawing a LOT easier.

Their is not much more to say about the stylus. It works, has a handy clip if you are an iPhone 3G user and you have different color options. If this sounds like something that might be useful to you... it is!

Don't forget to checkout the photos and video below!


  • Works with any iPhone or iPod Touch!
  • Lightweight
  • Works as advertised
  • You can by stylus packs!
  • Different colors


  • Comes with a clip for iPhone 3G only. You have to buy the $4.95 add-on for the clip to fit all devices
  • Over time I can envision the tip of the stylus breaking off, though this is just speculation

TiPB's Rating:

5 stars