Bobo Crash 4

Here we have Babo Crash [$0.99 - iTunes Link], a fun new gem-switching game for the iPhone and iPod touch from Playbrains. In this game you have to match similar coloured gems with adjacent gems in sets of three or more, in a similar fashion to Bejeweled. The difference in Babo Crash is that if you match up more than 4 gems you unleash specialized hero gems. These hero gems, when matched, have specialized gem-busting powers.

Babo Crash has over 21 levels of gem smashing fun that gets faster as you go along. It also uses the OpenFeint system so you also have access to leaderboards and achievements online.

If you want to see screenshots of the game in action (and find out how you can get yourself a free promo code for the game!), stay with us after the break.

How can you get your hands on this game for free? Sweet and easy -- just leave a comment below telling me why you would enjoy the game and you are entered. We’ll pick the winner at random (though saying something cute or funny never hurts!) Make sure to use a real e-address or we will not be able to contact you. Give-away starts now and ends Thursday, March

(Note: Unfortunately, Promo Codes only work in the US App Store, so if you don’t have access, you won’t be able to claim a prize.)

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