TiPb had the opportunity to test drive Gokivo Navigator ($0.99 + In-App Purchases - iTunes link) over the last couple of days. This is one of the first iPhone 3.0 specific apps in the App Store, so first off it was great to see turn-by-turn navigation working (even in Canada!), and second it was interesting to see how Apple handles in-app purchases.

Getting this going is a little bit of work. You start the app and type in a destination. I found Apple Canada in my contacts so hit that. Similar to the built in Maps app, Gokivo will show you your location on a map. Instead of Street View, however, you have a green GO button. Hit that and you're on your way to turn-by-turn.

If you don't already have a subscription, Gokivo activates the aforementioned in-app-purchase engine, and once you login with your iTunes ID and buy a month of service ($9.99 in the version we tested) the GO gets going.

It takes time to acquire a good GPS signal, and will advise you if there isn't one to be had. Once it locks on, however, you're in for a pretty smooth turn-by-turn experience. Arrows point your way and a synthesized female voice tells you when and where to turn and, and preps you for upcoming turns. We repeatedly went the wrong way, and were impressed with how quickly and accurately Gokivo recalculated and tried to get us back on track.

Note, Gokivo isn't free just for the app because Apple doesn't let developers do in-app purchases for free apps. Hence, $0.99 will likely be the foundation for what TiPb considers iPhone "scaleware". Whether the $9.99 monthly fee -- or other in-app-purchasing options -- suit your needs and budget you'll have to tell us.

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