Adobe Post

Adobe has released a new app on the App Store called Adobe Post. It's an ideal solution for those who enjoy creating quick graphics to share with others online. Think meme and social image generators where you choose a photo (or image) and add some text, but with Adobe Post it's more tailored towards elegant and professional looking graphics.

It's a neat app and one we can certainly see being used for a variety of cases, whether you're looking to create some art for an album, add some spice to your social media posts, or need to get round to throwing out an advertisement for your new ebook. While you can add your own images and media, Adobe offers professionally designed templates, hundreds of free images, and filters to get you started in no time at all.

Adobe has stated that Post joins the family of suites that includes Slate and Voice. Best of all, it's completely free so there's really no reason not to try out Adobe Post. Be sure to let us know in the comments what you use the app to create.

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