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QuickOffice has updated their Mobile Office Suite [$19.99 - iTunes link] for iPhone to version 1.2.0. The full list of updates is after the jump, but what caught our eye was this little goody:

  • Supports iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 5

What's new

Quickword (Word Processor):

  • Predictive text, auto-capitalization, and double-space for a period shortcut
  • Find text in a document and search for next or previous occurrences
  • Increase and decrease indentation level of bulleted lists, numbered lists, and paragraphs
  • Set paragraph alignment
  • Increase and decrease first line indentation on a paragraph
  • View tables that are too wide for your screen by flicking the table left and right

Quicksheet (Spreadsheet Processor):

  • Copy/Paste cells, columns, rows, and cell ranges & formulas are dynamically updated!
  • Landscape editing directly into a cell
  • Edit directly into a cell in portrait -- Just double tap the cell
  • New and easy way to build formulas
  • Set or remove cell borders
  • Add, rename, delete, and reorder worksheets inside a single spreadsheet
  • Clear the formula bar contents by pressing X or clear all contents & formatting from the toolbar
  • Edit font type and size
  • Set alignment within a cell

Quickoffice Files (File Management):

  • Auto-bookmarking your last viewed position in documents
  • Slide show viewing of remote and local images
  • UI improvements

As always, if you try it out, let us know how it works for you!

[Transcription via AppShopper]

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