Force Friday came with a special surprise from the folks at Sphero. Last time we were all amazed and excited by a Droid we could drive with our phone. This year for Force Friday, we got two new droids to play with. One is the eternally iconic R2-D2, and the other is an evil "upgrade" of the BB-8 we fell in love with during The Force Awakens. While we can speculate on how big a roll this BB-9E is going to play in The Last Jedi, we know for sure that it's too cool to not own one.

And that's the good news! Not only can you order R2-D2 and BB-9E from a bunch of different retailers right now, but Amazon is offering Same-Day Delivery in a lot of areas!

Each of these droids are available for $179, and the included app lets you do everything from drive around and pester your cat to watch your favorite Star Wars movies with your Droid and enjoy live reactions during the best scenes. Amazon's Same-Day Delivery usually has a cut-off at noon, so if you're looking to get these robots you better get on it now!

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