I've been playing this great turn-based tactical shotoer game called RAD Soldiers for the last couple of weeks during its Canadian soft launch, and it's now available worldwide.

Players can hack through a bunch of single-player missions to level up and earn cash, and once they have a crew that's suitably equipped with all manner of goofy weaponry and clothes, they can take the fight online. Each member of a team has a limited number of action points to spend each turn, with which you can move, shoot, activate equipment, heal teammates, and otherwise battle for objectives. Right now the only real game mode is King of the Hill, but the maps are varied enough thanks to expansion packs, graphics lighthearted and polished, and the gameplay is sufficiently deep to keep you hooked in for the long haul. In fact, a game like this might even make me retire from Hero Academy...

If you're looking for a scrap, feel free to find me on RAD Soldiers as LankyBastard.

Free - Download now

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