Radio Shack to offer iPhone 5c buyers $50 off

We've received word from Radio Shack that starting Saturday, October 5th, customers who buy an iPhone 5c will receive a $50 gift card that they can use to either cut the price of an iPhone 5c on contract in half or redeem some time later. The deal is in store only, so if you're planning to buy a 5c, you might want to plan a trip to Radio Shack.

It's similar to a program recently by Best Buy. Radio Shack also offers a "Trade & Save" program that lets you trade in older iPhone models and apply the value to a new purchase. Bringing in an iPhone 4 will net you $100, for example, while an iPhone 4S will get you $150. An iPhone 5 will get you $250.

Does this make you want to pick up an iPhone 5c from Radio Shack?