Hot Salsa Interactive has released their new app, Zander - Virtual Pet Alien, for iPhone and iPad. With it, you become the 'owner' of a new pet named Zander. However, Zander isn't your average pet - he's an alien!

  • Play with Zander all day long. Zander requires no clean up and does not stain the carpets. Since your pet alien is from another planet, the vet bills can be kept to a minimum.
  • Learn Zander's alien language and you can speak to him and have him do what you want. But, be careful…Zander is not fond of bad words. Don't ignore him for too long, he'll get a little upset.
  • Zander can do many things and understands over 70 commands. Try to figure out everything that he can do!
  • Play music with Zander and don't forget to send a photo of yourself with Zander to all your friends!

This app is just way too cute for words. Zander is an adorable little friend that will bring a smile to anyone's face, kids and adults alike.

Zander - Virtual Pet Alien is available for $1.99. Screenshots after the break.

[iTunes link]

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