Ralph Lauren wants to help you stay in shape with the PoloTech Smartshirt

It looks like fashion brand Ralph Lauren is getting in on the smart clothing game. The company has announced the new PoloTech Smartshirt, which will incorporate various sensors in the fabric to measure your vital signs during a workout.

The PoloTech Smartshirt is aimed at helping people track stats such as heart rate, breathing depth and recovery, and workout intensity, and how the Smartshirt achieves this is interesting:

The smart shirt incorporates its sensory receivers with a dynamic fitness application into a fashion-forward design emblematic of Polo Sport. Silver fibers woven directly into the fabric to give the most accurate readings track a range of stats, including heart rate and variability, breathing depth and recovery, intensity of movement, energy output and stress levels, steps taken and calories burned.

The PoloTech Smartshirt will stream these stats to a connected app on the iPhone and Apple Watch, which will help guide your workouts by measuring the intensity of your current activity to guide you through the next one.

The Ralph Lauren PoloTech Smartshirt will be available starting August 27 from Ralph Lauren's online store, its flagship store in New York, and its US Open store at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. You can pre-order the shirt now from Ralph Lauren's website, but this one is going to set you back a pretty penny at $295.

Source: Businesswire