You know the old saying "When one door closes, another one opens"? Well in Apple's case the reverse sometimes proves to be true. Take for example the recently release iPhone update which, among other things, supposedly includes several bug fixes. Unfortunately it also introduces a few bugs as well, or at least that is the case with Mail.

Since installing the update Mail performs with all the vigor and reliability of a US Postal carrier, which is to say not much. I can't go one hour without Mail locking up on me or crapping out in some fashion. In a typical scenario, I tap on the Mail icon > go to one of my IMAP accounts > navigate to the inbox > wait for it to check for new mail > while it's doing that I often go on to another application as I wait (what can I say, EDGE is slow). When I go back into Mail I am greeted with a completely black screen, save for the toolbar at the top which displays the AT&T logo, time, battery meter, etc.

That's it! Nothing.

If I stay at that screen long enough I am eventually deposited back to the home screen as Mail finally takes its death dive. Often I cannot even get back to the home screen because Mail is apparently hogging all available process resources as it chugs and gurgles its last breath. In cases where Mail doesn't succumb to fatal injury, I experience complete idle behavior.

If I tap on the account sync icon, asking Mail to check for and retrieve new email...nothing happens. No attempt is even made to connect with the mail server - even when a strong EDGE or WiFi connection is available. It just stays there displaying my old read email, while new (unread) email is in fact sitting on the server ready for retrieval.

At first this issue was simply annoying. Now it's becoming a hindrance. I use my iPhone to conduct business. Email is mission critical for me.

So Apple, if you could offer a fix for these issues, now would be a good time to resolve them.