The iPhone 6 has quickly become one of the best-selling Apple devices ever but if you're not satisfied with owning the typical off the shelf version, you just might have the chance to own a rare prototype version. As the story goes, a seller on eBay named kimberlyk1018 ordered a Verizon 64GB iPhone 6 and rather than receiving the expected, the unexpected showed up.

For sale is a brand new never used Apple iPhone 6 Prototype. Apple does NOT let these phones out of their possession yet I was accidentally sent one upon renewing my contract. As you can see from the photos, iOS8 has not been placed on this device, rather it is in the true developer mode. There are no FCC markings on the rear of the device or a model number. This is the real deal!!! The lightening port is red which is a sure sign of a prototype. This device is being sold as is. I cannot guarantee that it will make calls or that the camera will work. However I can guarantee you that the device is a 64gb iPhone 6 which was sent to me from Verizon. The device comes with the box, charger, headphones and wall charger as well as all the paperwork. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. This is a once in a life time opportunity for you to take a part of.

The seller certainly seems aware of what exactly they have their hands on and it seems as though potential buyers do as well. Right now, bids on the device have reach over $3,000, which is pretty crazy for a device that most certainly won't work and really, could end up back in the hands of Apple. However, if someone actually does end up purchasing the device there's a sense of owning a piece of history there.

Source: eBay Via: TNW

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