Rately Shopper for iPad lets you search for and discover gift ideas from hundreds of online merchants

Rately Shopper for iPad is an all-in-one app to store and track all the purchases you're thinking about making online. While Rately may feature some merchants, you can find and save gift ideas from virtually any online merchant that has a valid web address. Tag your ideas in order to sort them out later and remember what's for who.

Essentially, Rately Shopper is an in-app web browser with simple features attached to it. However, the sum of those simple features adds up to a convenient way to gather and discover gift ideas all in one place. The tag feature is easy to use and extremely helpful for people who have a lot of folks to buy for.

To browse to a store that isn't featured on Rately, just type the web address into the top bar and the site loads in the in-app browser. You can browse around just the way you would in Safari. If you don't exactly know what merchant you want to purchase from, just type in keywords and Rately can pull in all the items related to the keyword.

The more you use Rately shopper, the smarter the app should get by taking into consideration what you're tagging and your viewing history. If you happen to give Rately Shopper a try, let us know what your experiences have been!

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