RPG fans may be interested to know that the iOS open-world RPG game, Ravensword: Shadowlands, has now made the jump from iOS and is available to play on your Mac. Crescent Moon Games has made the title available to download from the Mac App Store, priced at $12.99. Mobile Nations' own gaming editor, Simon Sage, is a fan of the iOS version:

"If you've ever wanted some rough approximation of the Elder Scrolls games on your iPad, now you have it. Ravensword: Shadowlands is an open world role-playing game with classic progression, strong storyline, and tons of monsters to slay. Shadowlands is a sequel to two-year-old game, and as you can imagine the graphics are significantly improved. Camera shake, dynamic lighting, and well-executed lip syncing with the occasional voice acting the game has to offer. Delightfully absent are any signs of in-app purchases, and the soundtrack is great to boot. Fantasy fans should definitely check out Ravensword: Shadowlands."

By all accounts, the Mac version contains all the same goodness as its iOS counterpart, with some Mac specific enhancements such as realtime shadows and high resolution textures. Grab it now from the Mac App Store, and be sure to tell us what you think of it in the comments. How does it compare to the iOS version?

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