RBI Baseball

Nintendo classic R.B.I. Baseball has been re-imagined for mobile and is now available on iOS. A fast-paced arcade feel, straightforward pricing with no in-app purchases, and plenty of current players to pick from make this one a solid contender for top of the sports games category.

There are 30 MLB teams encompassing 480 players, each with attributes based on real-world stats. Games can be cranked out in under 20 minutes in either single exhibition games, full seasons, or off-season play. Controls follow a simple two-button controls. Over time, you can unlock jerseys by finishing team challenges.

There aren’t a ton of great baseball games out on iOS (Baseball Superstars and Big Win Baseball are the only ones that come to mind), so this is a really welcome addition. Baseball fans and old-school gamers alike are bound to enjoy this one. Who’s stepping up to the plate?

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