The Daily: Indexed

programmer Andy Baio has put together a nice online index of each issue of The The Daily with links to every article for anyone who wants access to their content without using an iPad (or paying a subscription).ex page for easy browsing.

The Daily, a new digital newspaper from News Corp. which launched yesterday morning alongside Apple's new subscription service, is currently limited to iPad owners but allows readers to share articles on services like Twitter and Facebook. The Daily then publishes these shared articles online but without any indexing service. The Daily: Indexed simply pulls the existing content and indexes it all for you to view in a browser, which is also nice for users who want access to previous issues not available on the iPad app.

News Corp. has already pumped over $30 million into the project and they're hoping to eventually make a profit on a subscription model of $.99/week. The digital newspaper is said to cost upwards of $500,000 per week, so with The Daily: Indexed now hitting the scene this will surely throw a spoke into News Corps. hopes and dreams of bringing home the bacon with their new service.

So how long do you think News Corp. will let this index stay online? Sound off in the comments below!

[Daring Fireball via The Daily: Indexed]