ReadQuick 3 arrives with a redesign, sync, and more speed

Speed reading app ReadQuick has been updated to version 3, having been rebuilt from the ground up for iOS 9. The app features a design, new gestures, and an extension to allow you to save right to ReadQuick. The app has also added iCloud support to sync items between iPhone and iPad.

Here are just some of the features you'll find in ReadQuick 3

Brand New Layout and Design - Inuitive new look feel that gets you closer to the reading experience. - New control gestures for iPhone and iPad - All new layout for larger screen iOS devices

Extension Support - Save right to ReadQuick using the iOS extension!

Syncing - It's here! iCloud syncing between your devices. - Delete an article on your iPad and it's gone from your iPhone - Keeps all your playlists in sync

ReadQuick is also a lot faster, with the reading rate increased to 1,000 words per minute. The app also has a number of new featured partners, including Google News and even iMore.

ReadQuick 3 is available for download from the App Store right now.

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