ReadQuick comes to iPhone, makes your speed-reading even more mobile

ReadQuick has always been a phenomenal way to not only get great stuff to read on your iPad, but to get better at reading faster. Now, with version 1.5, they've taken all that speed-reading training and made it even more mobile. That's right, ReadQuick is now a universal app that also supports the iPhone and iPod touch.

There are some things I want to read slowly, to saver. Great language, great imagery, a note from someone I love. Like a fancy meal or very old Scotch, I want to enjoy every flavor, every sip. But there also times when I'm thirsty, when my aging brain needs a kick in the ass, and I just want to ingest as much information and data as possible. When I want to guzzle down water.

ReadQuick screenshots

That's when ReadQuick is invaluable, and having it in my pocket now as well as my bag makes it even more so. If you're using it already, go grab the update. If you haven't tried it yet, go grab the app. It'll teach you to read and comprehend faster, and for less than the price of a fancy coffee or a movie theater soda.

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