The Reagan Presidential Library and Museum has just undergone a $15 million dollar overhaul which includes the addition of an iPod touch for each person on a tour to utilize for audio of the tour as well as pictures and video while checking out the sights.

People who decide to take the tour starting today will be checked out their very own iPod touch and that will guide you through all the interesting things they have on display in the library and museum. The iPod will be the voice to explain what you are looking at as well as give background on items. Also users will be able to take photos and even video if they choose while they enjoy their tour. You are probably thinking what's the point of taking photos and video on a device that isn't your own to keep? Well they have an answer for that as well. Once you turn in your temporary iPod touch they will upload all your photos and video to a website and e-mail you to notify you that your media is ready to be viewed/downloaded or even shared to Facebook.

This seems like a pretty cool idea and definately would make the tour a little more interesting for the younger generations. If you take this tour let us know your thoughts on it and if not let us know if you would like this feature included in a tour that you enjoy taking.

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