Firemint has announced Real Racing 2 HD for the iPad and iPad 2. This iPad-only version takes full advantage of the new A5 chip and faster graphics found in the iPad 2 and it looks fantastic.

Real Racing 2 has been limited to the iPhone and iPod touch since its debut last year, and I for one have always wanted to bring the experience over to my iPad. The idea of using the iPad as a steering wheel for a game like this has always been appealing. The only downside is that you'll need to purchase Real Racing 2 HD separately from the App Store, even if you've already purchased Real Racing 2 for your iPhone. The upside is that you'll be able to play it on both the original iPad and the new iPad 2 because of how the game adjusts graphics output between the two devices.

If you need any Real Racing tips then be sure to check out our TiPb TV Interview with Firemint Founder and CEO Rob Murray, and hit the jump for more Real Racing 2 HD eye candy below!

[iTunes -- $9.99]

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