EA has pushed out another update to Real Racing 3, that adds a bunch more cars, more events, and some visual tuning to make the already sublime graphics sing just a little bit more. The full changelog:

  • New cars – Dodge and Shelby add a collection of big V8 muscle cars to Real Racing 3
  • New events – compete in multiple challenging Series featuring a field of muscle cars hailing from Detroit
  • Difficulty tuning – faster and more accurate skill adjustment for even tighter competition
  • Visual physics enhancements – classic muscle cars come to life with realistic pitch and bodyroll
  • Improved cameras – enhanced sense of speed and motion yields a more authentic racing experience
  • Additional social networking options for enhanced Time Shifted Multiplayer and Cloud Save functionality

Besides the hot new cars, the difficulty tuning is what interests me the most. The last update changed the entire mechanics of how you play through the game, and with it, for some reason, some of the races became impossibly easy to win. I've not had much chance to put this latest version through its paces yet, but if you have and have noticed a positive change, let me know in the comments.

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