Realmac Software changes plans regarding Clear

Realmac Software has made some changes to their popular iOS list app Clear. A new version of Clear was released last week as a universal app. It was released as a new app, meaning that existing users that wanted to upgrade to the universal version and get Clear on their iPad would need to pay $2.99. The original app was simultaniously removed from the App Store, a move which angered many users. Realmac has decided to restore the original app to the App Store for $0.99, as they announced in a post on their blog:

To that end, we’ve submitted an update that includes the iPhone enhancements for iOS 7 (including the new list themes) and will be releasing it as soon as Apple approves it.

This version of Clear will continue to be iPhone-only. The new app released last week will now be known as "Clear+", and will cost $4.99.

It's important to remember that developers don't do this for fun. They do this to make a living. Making an app takes time, and making a good app takes even more. That's time they're not spending doing another job. To suggest that you should receive continual updates, no matter how substantial they are, after paying a small amount once, is to devalue the hard work that developers do. You wouldn't buy a cup of coffee once, then expect free coffee forever, would you? Then why do you expect free software updates forever?

Source: Realmac Software blog