Harmonix the developers behind Rock Band, have released their first mobile game, Record Run. An endless runner that we first saw at GDC, Record Run sees you chasing records in an odd musical world.

Record Run works along the lines of other endless runners. Players swipe between lanes to avoid obstacles and collect currency and power-ups. But the unique hook of Record Run is in its soundtrack. The game pulls music in from the player's own music library, and the levels move in sync with each track. In order to use your music, the game requires that tracks be stored locally on the device, so streaming music services like Spotify, Rdio, and iTunes Radio are not currently supported.

In addition to the solo experience, Record Run lets you challenge your friends to musical battles, and pits you against other players for the top spot on the weekly leaderboards. The game itself is free, but players can add things like more track slots through in-app purchases.

Record Run is a universal game for the iPhone and iPad, and is available now on the App Store.

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