TinyVox • Infinite Tape Deck is an iPhone app that lets you quickly tape any audio and deploy it.

Typing is too slow. Your ideas won't wait for you to scribble them down. And how will you remember the conversations you have with your friends in a year?

What you need is a tape deck to let you talk out your ideas freely so you can type them out later or email them to your team or post them on a bulletin board or Twitter...

  • Email to self for private notetaking
  • Email to anyone else as either an mp3 attachment or a link - the second anyone clicks your link, they'll hear your audio, because our landing pages autoplay
  • Post to your Facebook wall or type in a URL anywhere in Facebook
  • Post to Twitter - you can DM, @-message, or use #hashtags when you title your tape!
  • Post to Tumblr - post as many audios a day as you want
  • Post to Soundcloud
  • Email to Evernote (make sure you email as attachment)
  • Copy-paste your tape's URL into Messages to send audio via SMS

I have been on the receiving end of TinyVox and it was pretty neat. After reading our recent App for That, the developer sent me a TinyVox message suggesting it as a audio solution and asking me to take a look at the app. I'm intrigued.

TinyVox is available on the iPhone for Free. Screenshots after break.

[iTunes link]

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