Tim Cook: Record weekend for the new iPad, foresees growth for iPhone, iPad

As part of their cash-balance conference call this morning, Apple CEO Tim Cook responded to a question about the new iPad by saying Apple had a "record weekend". Cook didn't elaborate further, and didn't specify if that meant sales volumes or some other metric. Apple hasn't been shy about issuing post-launch press releases to tout big numbers in the past, so it's possible we'll see that this year as well.

Cook also once again highlighted the growth potential of the iPhone, which currently only accounts for 9% of the handset market. Apple, like many others, believes that one day soon all phones will be smartphones and they think the iPhone has a huge opportunity there, as it does in other markets.

Likewise, they see sales growing for the iPad and believe the iPad market will eventually surpass the PC market as a whole. Apple owns far more of the tablet market than they do the smartphone market, which creates the potential for remarkable growth.

The App Store, iTunes, iCloud, and Siri were also singled out to highlight the pace of Apple's innovation and the breadth of their ecosystem.

The most recent quarterly results included:

  • 37.04 million iPhones sold – 128% growth
  • 15.43 million iPads sold – 111% increase
  • 7.7 million iPod touch’s sold

That combined for 315 cumulative iOS device sales to date -- 62 million in the last quarter alone. And that was before the new iPad was released.

From the Apple II to the Mac to the iPhone and iPad, Apple has relentlessly strived to mainstream computing technology, and that positions them well for that not-so-distant future where all phones are smart and most computers are appliance-like cars rather than workstation trucks.