Yosemite-style Tweetbot is coming, it's really coming

Tweetbot, one of our favorite Twitter apps, looks like it's finally getting the redesign we've been clamoring for for, well, years. The Mac app has seen several updates since release, and even a surprise disappearance and return to the App Store, but has carried something of a legacy styling into this modern OS X Yosemite era. That all is poised to change at some point later this year, if this blurry teaser from Tapbots developer Mark Jardine is any indication.

His teaser is simple and to the point:

Obviously there's much more to say about this teaser of the revamped Tweetbot for Mac, though there's only so much we can divine from the intentionally-out-of-focus photo. There looks to be some Yosemite-style translucency happening here, and they also seem to be maintaining the basic current layout of Tweetbot for Mac (account and stream selections on the left, stream(s) to the right).

Also teased: what looks like Calcbot for iPhone, which isn't nearly as exciting.

Source: Mark Jardine (Twitter)