Reeder is a favorite news aggregator of many, and today we see its triumphant return to the App Store in the form of Reeder 2. It's an all new app, with an all new design, and it brings back the long awaited iPad support that we lost when Google Reader closed its doors. The previous version of the iPhone app is still available, and received Feedly support right at the death, but Reeder 2 is an all new universal app, with a couple more new features to add to the collection.

One of those is support for opening links in Google Chrome. Since we can't set Chrome as a default browser on the iPhone or iPad, Google has provided the tools, and for those of us who use it it's great to see third-party developers picking it up. Reeder 2 also adds support for Feed Wrangler's smart streams.

Otherwise, underneath, it's the same great app we know and love. The big news here isn't so much for the iPhone, but the long awaited return of an iPad Reeder app. Since the developer, Silvio Rizzi, couldn't provide the necessary non-Google Reader updates to the iPad and Mac apps in time, they were removed from the respective App Stores leaving only an iPhone version behind. If iPhone is all you need, the original version is still available as a free download. But, Reeder 2 is here, it's proofed for the future, and it brings it back to the iPad.

Is there still room for Reeder in your life, or have you moved on to something else in its absence?

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