Reeder 2 for Mac OS X

Reeder 2, an RSS reader for Mac, has entered its public beta. Prior to the shutdown of Google Reader, Reeder was one of the more popular RSS apps on the Mac. While Reeder 2 for iOS has been available for awhile now, the Mac app hasn't updated to work with the many alternatives to Google Reader that have emerged since last summer.

That all changes today with the release of the first public beta for Reeder 2 for Mac. Reeder 2 for Mac now supports a number of services. You can add accounts from Feedly, Feedwrangler, Feedbin, and Fever. Additionally, you can add RSS feeds locally, without syncing them with any kind of service. Read-it-later service Readability is also supported.

The design should be familiar to anyone who used the original Reeder, or the latest versions for iOS, particularly on the iPad. In the standard layout, columns on the left hold your feeds, while the right side of the app is devoted to the individual stories. As with the original application, you can choose to view Reeder 2 in a smaller, single-column configuration, with the feed panel sliding over to make room for the story you want to read.

While in beta, Reeder 2 for Mac is free. You can download Public Beta 1 from the Reeder website now.

Source: Reeder 2 for Mac Public Beta