Attention coffee connoisseurs - Coffee Journal is for you! Coffee Journal is an iPhone app that makes it easy to record and remember your favorite coffees and brew settings including star ratings, personal tasting notes, and cupping scores. Coffee Journal will also assist you in brewing the perfect cub with a built-in timer and the ability to maintain detailed brew settings like time, bean weight, water volume, and more.

Coffee Journal has a very nice UI and lets you sort your coffees by Name, Roaster, or Rating and mark favorites. Every time you brew coffee, you can create a cupping that saves the various settings and brew method you used. You can then add notes about how it turned out, give scores to the acidity, aroma, body, flavor, and after taste, and indicate which flavors you could identify.

If you're really into your coffee, you'll probably want want to pick this one up. If you do, let us know what you think!

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