A couple of years ago, inspired by one of my friend, Georgia Dow's, talks on de-cluttering, I decided I was going to buy less but better. Instead of a lot of cheap stuff, I'd have to replace every few years, I was going to buy very few things of much better quality that would hopefully last much longer. It does mean controlling a lot of impulse buying impulses, and suppressing a lot of tech-lust, but so far, so great. With all of that in mind, here's the best of what I bought this year, including what I'm buying for those I care about most.

What's different this year is how I'm listing them. I've set everything up on Kit.com. Kevin Michaluk, my boss, turned me on to it and it's been great so far. Yes, it's an extra click/tap to get there, but it's really cool once you do!

I've only added the big ticket stuff so far, but I'll be adding a lot of smaller, more stocking-stuffer-esque items later today and through the next week, so please don't just check it out, check back often! And if you have any suggestions, let me know! I'd love to get a few more incredible things and credit you, our amazing audience!

See Rene's top holiday picks on Kit.com