Reports of Steve's death have been greatly exaggerated... and in this particular case, a report of Steve Jobs having a heart attack. Can we leave this guy alone people? And is his health any of your business anyways? This time the heart attack rumor started over at a CNN website, It remained on CNN's website for about 30 minutes before being pulled.

CNN has since made the following statement: is an entirely user-generated site where the content is determined by the community. Content that does not comply with Community Guidelines will be removed. After the content in question was uploaded to, the community brought it to our attention. Based on our Terms of Use that govern user behavior on, the fraudulent content was removed from the site and the user's account was disabled.

Of course this lie led to a steep drop in Apple stock, a drop of 5.4% to be exact after CNN reported the lie. Since it was proven not to be fact, Apple's stock rose $3.82 to $103.92 at 11:32 a.m. New York time on the Nasdaq Stock Market after earlier falling to $94.65.

So again, can we all leave Steve be? He is a human being with a family just like the rest of us. Mostly.

[Via MacDailyNews]