During today's quarterly financial results call, Tim Cook sounded unsure about whether or not they were going to have enough Retina iPad minis to meet demand for the last quarter of the year. Specifically, he noted that "It's unclear whether we'll enough for the quarter." Obviously it's going to be a good holiday for Apple regardless, and Cook went so far to say that "it's going to be an iPad Christmas," but combined with the later release date of the Retina iPad mini sometime later in November, it might be tricky getting your hands on this specific model for the holidays. Even now, there's apparently a backlog for the iPhone 5s due to supply constraints - one can only imagine how long a lack of components might clog up Retina iPad production during the busiest retail season of the year.

How many of you had your heart set on giving (or getting) a Retina iPad for the holidays? Are you willing to camp out on launch day for one, whenever that might be?