It's late, really late over here in the UK, but that's not going to stop us cracking open the brand new iPad mini with Retina Display and taking a first look at it. It may be dark outside, but the iPad mini is certainly keeping our eyes open! This isn't a proper unboxing video – because I cheated and did it earlier – but it is a first look around the hardware and a quick side by side with its new big brother, the iPad Air.

It's an important comparison, and one we'll be making frequently throughout the coming days as we put the new iPad mini to the test. Because, for all intents and purposes, this is an iPad Air, just with a 7.9-inch display. And what a display. No video could ever do it justice, you need to see if for yourself. It's stunning.

We may well come back and shoot another – better lit – video as part of the full review, but it's too good not to show off. Did you manage to snag yourself a new Retina iPad mini amongst the launch day shenanigans? Let me know what your own first impressions are in the comments below!