Reward Summit for iOS helps you choose what credit card to use to maximize points and rewards

Reward Summit for both iPhone and iPad is an interesting little app that can help you track what credit cards give you the most rewards for certain types of purchases. The best part is you don't have to give any kind of sensitive information such as credit card numbers or even an email account to use it.

After you launch Reward Summit, you can get right to choosing what credit cards you currently have in your wallet. Reward Summit keeps up with what offers each card carries with it and then uses the merchants you select to give you options as to what kind of rewards you can earn. It recommends to you what card you should use based on the benefits attached to each.

If you choose to register with Reward Summit, you still don't have to give them sensitive information past your home address but you can unlock other features that you can't use to track to your account without signing up. I really like the option that they let you choose instead of forcing you into forking over your information which makes it a good option for those wary of inputting financial information.

Reward Summit has a plethora of cards to choose from and the odds of finding the ones in your wallet are pretty high. If you happen to check it out or are already using it, let us know what you think and if you've saved any money due to its recommendations.

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