A teaser campaign telling Apple fans to wake up.

Some additional investigation into the "Wake Up" flashmob that happened at Australia Apple stores last week reveals it may actually be BlackBerry and Research In Motion behind the stunt. This conclusion was drawn from a wily forum-poster who checked out the teaser site, and found within the source an account code for DoubleClick (an online ad campaign management system). That code apparently matches up with RIM Australia. On top of that, the countdown in seconds points to July 2 12:30 PM PDT, which a tipster suggests will be the launch day for RIM's new operating system.

Samsung has already denied that they were responsible, so if it isn't them or RIM, who could be in charge of this campaign, and to what end? My only guess at this point is Greenpeace, who had recently published a scathing report on Apple's iCloud operations. Greenpeace has made a similarly high-profile protest at an Apple store in London, but this incident seems like it might be a bit too slick and professionally-executed to be a Greenpeace effort.

(It probably wasn't CrackBerry Kevin -- he seems to have an alibi...)

Assuming RIM is behind this "Wake Up" campaign, how effective is it? Does going after Apple this aggressively actually accomplish anything, especially if the organizers are being so coy about what it is they're promoting or pushing?

Source: MacWorld, Wake Up Australia