We interrupt this episode of RIM, Lose or Draw? for a quick iPhone JEOPARDY update!

Last time, Blackberry "pusher", and outage-plugger extraordinaire Mike Lazaridis took "Post SDK Over-Reactions" for a thousand:

"Talk -- all I'm [hearing] is talk about [the iPhone's chances in Enterprise]. I think it's important that we put this thing in perspective." [...] "Apple's design-centric approach [will] ultimately limit its appeal by sacrificing needed enterprise functionality. I think over-focus on one blinds you to the value of the other." [...] "Apple's approach produced devices that inevitably sacrificed advanced features for aesthetics."

While it's still too early to go to the judges, a new competitor has stepped up to the podium, CNet's Matt Asay (via Daring Fireball).

What is the most expensive phone, by far, on the market?

I walked into my local AT&T Wireless store on Saturday fully expecting and prepared to get a Blackberry 8820. My Blackberry 8800 died while I was in London last week [...] Unfortunately for Research in Motion, maker of the Blackberry, the in-store price for the 8820 was the same as the iPhone. I deliberated for all of three seconds and walked out with the iPhone.

What about "lack of functionality"? Lack of the tic-tactile keyboard, man?

I thought I wouldn't be able to type on the iPhone without tactile feedback. I was wrong. I'm actually faster on the iPhone than I ever was on the Blackberry, and that's with only an hour of "training."

Still, regrets you must have a few, like SMS blasts, animations on email deletion, and the lack of Flash?

But all its good points make up for these negatives. The iPhone is an amazing device. It was inevitable that I'd find my way to it, just as it's inevitable that it will continue to take more and more market share, eventually breeding lower-end devices that will change the way we use mobile "phones." The iPhone is designed too well to be anything less than inevitable.

Good answer! But is RIM too far ahead? Can the iPhone catch up? Or is it too close to call? What do you think?