CrackBerry Kevin goes hands-on for a full BlackBerry PlayBook review

RIM's iPad competitor, BlackBerry PlayBook gets reviewed!

RIM finally gets their 7-inch, QNX-powered iPad competitor to market and our sibling site, has your positively gargantuan BlackBerry PlayBook review piping hot and ready! From hardware to software literally nothing is left out. So how does the man who loves BlackBerry like the PlayBook?

As a BlackBerry fan and somebody who wants to see RIM hit nothing but pure homeruns, I'm of course a little choked up over the PlayBook's first at bat performance. There's no doubt it has some raw talent and killer moves that are going to attract some fans and loud cheers from the crowd (including me of course), but to be a real superstar it's going to have to mature a little more and roundout its skill set. A little more practice time in the batting cage before stepping out on the field may have been the call to make on this one (as in waiting until native email and core app integration were complete before hitting the market).

So he loves where it's going, if not exactly where it is right now and that's fair. QNX is RIM's future and this is their first step towards it. Hopefully it keeps Apple swinging for the bleachers as well. Competition is good for everyone, especially consumers.

So grab your iPad, hit the links below, and enjoy a quiet night of reading because Kevin has outdone himself bringing you everything you need to know about the BlackBerry PlayBook: