Last week, Robot Entertainment launched a new army for their excellent turn-based strategy game for iOS, Hero Academy. At PAX East 2012, they were appropriately showing off the greenskins next to their upcoming dungeon-trapper PC game, Orcs Must Die 2, so we decided to check out the update.  The Tribe differs significantly from the structure set by the other armies in Hero Academy in that they only have one armor upgrade, but have two hero units in their bag of tricks. The Tribe also includes a new tidal wave spell which can move whole armies towards or away from you. The update also offers a new map which is available even if you don't dish out the $2.00 for The Tribe. It has crystals that are able to fire thorns at nearby assailants once a turn, and a new bonus square which provides magic resistance.

If you're unfamiliar, Hero Academy is a great turn-based game where you and a friend (or randomer) take turns moving and attacking each other on a chekecered board.

Marcin, one of the game's devs, described the Tribe as relentless and aggressive, and as far as I can see, they'll really mix up the flow of gameplay. The guys at Robot Entertainment were also clear that they're working on a port for Android, which is great news if they're able to include cross-platform multiplayer. Besides the new army, this update also includes universal support, so it counts as one app across iPhone and iPad.

If you aren't already playing Hero Academy, be sure to pick it up for free and at least give The Council a go. Despite the cartoony graphics, the tactics in this game are very rich, and have had me hooked for awhile.

The Tribe in Hero Academy for iPad

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